Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No!! but yes...

The moment you are at a very dramatic, intense, climatic moment in a book and then you see this message "your kindle is running out of battery, please charge now", you say 'no' extremely loud, your child runs towards you asking you if you are okay and you sadly reply 'my kindle ran out of battery', he gives you a funny look, and everyone continues on with their routines without understanding the trauma you just experienced. You then get an image in your head of that picture circulating on the internet that says "real books never run out of batteries", you frown and hate it for being right, defeated you put your kindle to charge and begin reading a hardcover book that you are almost done with it and two pages in you are again in the climax of a story and you smile because you will read through it all knowing this book will not run out of batteries. 



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