Friday, August 29, 2014

We Must Go On

In life we discover what bring us joy and what brings us sadness. We discover what is important and what is not. We sit down and contemplate everything we have done, everything we have not, and everything we are yet to do. We smile at our accomplishments and shake our heads when we remember our failures. We smile at those we love and look upon them fondly. We give thanks for those who love us and pray for those who don't. We meditate on the choices we have made that have brought us to where we are and we realize that past mistakes have finally ceased to matter. We realize that we are not done, that we must go on, and we continue to push forward. It is at this intercession that we pray we might be given the time necessary to do everything we must do; to be with those we love, to do more of what brings us joy, to do more of what is important, and to look less on the inconsequential things in our life.
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