Saturday, August 9, 2014

Because Flowers Are More Beautiful: A Short Story

Because Flowers Are More Beautiful

She stood in the middle of a dirt road, her long brunette hair swaying with the wind,  a child grasping her hand. The tin roofs of the houses surrounding her gave an eerie feeling of despair and that despair was evident in her eyes. She was standing still and looking straight ahead, the way one looks for something that was to come but never did. I stayed a little longer than I intended to, seeing how strands of her hair went over and away from her eyes, the way the child smiled at her, admiring the love that was evident between them. I was brought back to the task at hand by the sound of thunder and the feeling of chills down my back. I walked up to her and gave her my hand. At first she was resistant, asking who I was. I told her she had to leave, that I was there to take her and I could see in her eyes she understood the meaning of my words. She took my hand and walked with me. We walked to the north, leaving behind the poor sad village where I first saw her, walked and walked we went, resting little. The excitement of her child was evident but with her I could not tell what she felt or what she thought, her face a blank canvass. At last the change was apparent, where everything was dirt and the color of mud when we began our journey, now you could see bursts of color, and the sky turned from a gray color to the most beautiful blue; a dark blue mirroring the color of my eyes. We arrived at our destination at sunset. I walked her into a meadow full of flowers and the nice scent they bring with them filled the air, they were beautiful and bountiful, a garden was a few steps ahead of them. The scent of flowers mingled with the scents of the garden providing the most fragrant potpourri. They had never seen anything like it and the expression on her face gave way to a sigh of relief, the way one feels when we have been taken out of a dreadful fate and given mercy instead. Her eyes shone bright with the colors of the meadow and the flowers reflected on them. For a moment she had forgotten I was there or so I thought until at last she turned to me and asked why I had brought her there. I brought her so she could stay there I replied, at this she asked why. I couldn't help but feel contentment at the words I had been waiting to use, they rolled off my tongue as if I had rehearsed them a thousand times before but the truth was that there was no truer truth than this; at last I told her "Because flowers are more beautiful". I knew she understood completely what had transpired, seeing how her body gave way to a more relaxed pose. There was no need for more questions or answers after this. I turned and walked back from where I had come from, it was a far way home and I knew I shouldn't turn to look at her again for fear I might not want to leave, however, something drew me to it and I did, the desire stronger than my will.  I turned to see her and she also saw me, our eyes connecting simultaneously. There I saw I had done the right thing by seeing her again for what happened next took my breath away, for the first time since I had met her a smile formed on her lips. At that instant I knew I would carry that smile with me always just like the scent of flowers would always remind her of me.

-RD, 8/7/2014
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