Monday, May 13, 2013

A Short Goodbye to Lust

Taking the leap of faith again into a new beginning. One where you don't exist. You had taken it once and failed. You tried to move on but couldn't. I have not tried and therefore I cannot say I have failed. I'm one to hold on for way too long but once I let go, I let go. I am indecisive but when I do make a decision its definitive, therefore; everyone is fucked, you, me, us. Goodbye my dear friend, my passionate lover,  my lustful adventurer. It was hot, sexy, fun, and at the end hurtful and true. This is for the truth we lived, the truth we shared, and the truth I now leave behind. I will miss our zealous and fervent nights together. The ones were caution was thrown out the window and we were ruled by lust, by wanting and receiving but never having enough. We are now sated, we have reached our limit, and even if our lecherousness for each other rises again our regrets, anger, and resentment will overpower it. Good bye my dear lover, goodbye.  

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