Friday, December 29, 2006

Should it be Read?? But I don't like it!

Many of us have encountered books that we dislike while still reading Chapter 1! But yet we read the entire book although we do not like it. We dread having to open it and continue where we left of. But Why, in the first place do we continue reading it? Do we feel a certain obligation to read the entire book? Do we feel we have to give the story or the author a chance? Of course, there are times when we have to read a certain text, be it for a college class or something of the sort. But when we read just for they joy of reading why do we make ourselves read something not to our liking? As the word implies we are to read for joy or pleasure. Have you ever asked yourself this? Maybe it's time you do.

I have asked several people to help me answer this question. Here are some of their comments. In the meanwhile Please consider this question next time you start reading a book you do not like. Should it be Read? Remember that there are a lot of books to be read and life is short.

"If you really don't like it, give it up - there's so many great books to read!" - Nicole

And I say a resounding no! There are too many good books to read for me to waste time on a one that I can't get into. I usually give it about 50 pages or so. Then I move on." - Susan

"No, you should not finish it. There are too many good books to read and the next one you choose may be great. I used to think I had to finish a book no matter what. However, since I have so many and there are so many coming out all the time, I give myself about 50 pages. After that I am tossing it." - Teresa R.

"I like more of what I read than I don't - and either I'm very good at selecting what I read -- or I am just not as discerning as some. I keep plugging along when a book has captured my attention at some level. I've come across several books that ended up being among my favorites that just got of to slow starts. I won't bother finishing books that have completely failed to suck me in and cannot hold my attention." - Wendy

"If I don't like a book, I won't finish it. Reading is supposed to be fun and what fun is reading a book you don't like? I say move on to a better book." - Devonna

"I am not inclined to keep reading a book that does not catch my interest. However, that being said... if I am participating in a book club read, I will slog through a book I don't like. The reason for this is that often during the course of a book club discussion, I have found myself appreciating a book that initially didn't interest me. Sometimes discussions open up interpretations which I may have missed. That happened to me several times over the course of the year." - Wendy

"There have been times that I have finished a book simply to say that I have read it. I find that if I do not like a book and it takes me a lot longer to read the book than if I really enjoyed it. Nonetheless by finishing the book I can say that I have read it, thus giving me something to talk about, and it also gives me something to think about. I find that when I read a book I always try to figure out the significance of the title and when there is a book that I don't particularly care for I find this job more of a challenge, so, in the end I find that reading a book I don't care for proves to be a benefit." - Jenn

I want to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts to this blog.
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