Sunday, December 3, 2006

BFTI Survey

Dear Group,

Please take a moment to answer a couple of questions from this survey this is very important for the growing of BFTI. It would be greatly appreciated if you vote on them or state your opinion, This will greatly help me build the group and my blog. They Are:

1)Would you like to have Online Book Club Meetings?

* Yes - Once a month
* Yes - Every two weeks
* Yes - Every Week
* Yes - Other
* Maybe in the future
* Not Interested
* It all Depends!

Extra Note: I am planning on conducting Book Club Meetings by chat at least once a month. This will let me know what your preferences are and therefore make the meetings available at the time they are more convenient for you.

2)What genre do you prefer to see featured here more often?

* General Fiction
* Non-Fiction
* History
* Self-Help
* Mystery
* Thriller
* Other - Please post which : )

Extra Note: This is very imporant because the books choosen for selections will always be recommendations from our group members, I will be customizing the selection process little by little and I would be really glad if I also received any tips or suggestions as to what would work best for you.

3)How interested are you in chat discussions with authors?

* Very Interested
* Interested
* Somewhat Interested
* Maybe in the Future
* Not Really Interested
* Not Interested

Extra Note: There are plans for having 'meet & greet' chat discussions with authors, Please let me know how interested you are in this kind of discussions. We currently have an offer from Mr. Steven Manchestor to have a 'meet & greet' with us if we choose to read his book "Pressed Pennies".

4)What would you like to see more often in this blog?

*Please state a comment.

5)Please state any other suggestions/comments. Tell me what you want to see of more in BFTI, what you like and what you don't like, etc.

Thank You,
BFTI Moderator, Rosario
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